Who doesn't love the holidays? you get some quality time in with the family, you lose all your savings on Black Friday, you get a few extra days off work and you get enough Tryptophan to knock you out for a week. What could possibly make it better?
We are going to have a show on 11/29 at Spider House Ballroom and we want to send you back into the work week with one big bang with all your friends to cap off a great holiday weekend. We are going to have more details about the show and we promise it's going to be something special so don't skip out and stay runed!


One of Those Nights

You have to love the weather these days. You fall in love with a city like Austin all over again on a day like today. Even my allergies seem to smile into the sunlight and 80 degree afternoon.

We just got off stage (in San Marcos, close enough to city limits for us) and we are back in the real world. Grind mode right baby? It never seems like we were on stage after. You pack the gear, finish the beers and enjoy the rest of the night and then it's onto tomorrow and all his problems.

Even as I say these words I know how exciting things are. It's music day in, day out and there is nothing to complain about. It doesn't matter if you are working a night shift, raging at ACL this weekend or off creating music of your own, find some peace. Find something exciting tonight and be proud of yourself. Goodnight everyone.

Classic mode

Classic mode

The Homefront

What are you going to do?

We don't have the life of luxury we dream of but we surely have enough blessings in our lives to be able to turn our living room into this creation station.

It's a little bit heavy on the electric instruments - we don't want to piss off our neighbors with an acoustic drum kit so we use an Octopad to rehearse with. (It sounds damn fantastic)

No Excuses, No Surrender - Make it happen.

(and yes, that is a Red Sox rug under the Octopad)

More Happens at Moontower Saloon


Time to get our South Austin fix. 

We are coming back to Moontower Saloon on October 23rd for a dynamic 3 hour set of our best rock songs and ballads. It's going to be a little bit of everything. We are even going to sprinkle in a few cover songs to mix things up. 

We have a few down, a few in mind but do you have anything you'd like to hear?

Austin + All Our Friends

We wanted to find a way to showcase all of the artists we play local shows with. After all we wouldn't have full nights of great memories and music without them. We put it all in one place on a Spotify Playlist. We figured it would be a good way to get everyone in the mix in a simple format that so many of you use.

If you are interested in checkout out some of our Austin Allies check it out!

(It's short and sweet but it will keep growing all the time so subscribe today!)

In Honor

John Lennon would be 74 this year. 

It's pretty crazy when you think about how much music has gone unwritten with him being taken off the world before his time. It's also amazing to see how much greatness has stemmed from his legacy.

We wanted to honor him in any way we could and we chose to host an event in his honor and play music. It's what he stood for and what he loved more that anything else.

If there is any John Lennon song that is close to you that you would like us to cover just let us know this week and we will see if anything organic comes out of us learning it. We want to pay tribute properly and in our own fashion - not with a karaoke night.

It's going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be great.

Help the Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary was robbed on the 4th of July and we are doing what we can to help our neighbors here in town. We are throwing a party on Thursday (July 10th) and we are raising money to help them cover the $30,000 in losses that they have to cope with.

If you feel like joining us please don't hesitate to make a donation at their website or just come bring some cash for them at the show - all the proceeds are going to help them keep their doors open!

Read all about what happened here.

Running out of "YOLOs"

I hate that word.


For Christ's sake, I didn't even give Drake's music a chance for years because I heard that phrase come out of his mouth. Every time I hear some drunk underage girl use that phrase my sperm count falls. It's a depressing, poor excuse to live without responsibility or resolve.

Then I thought of something else.

When did I get so damn cynical?

Yeah, YOLO is stupid. Acronyms aren't around to give you an excuse to binge drink and ignore the teachings of your parents. YOLO is something that people who are young and dumb use as an excuse to live without pausing BUT once you get over the disguises of the word and the culture (or lack thereof) around it - I need some YOLOs.

I need to stop not going out because I work in 8 hours, stop not taking vacations and start taking more risks. Yes, we get older and smarter and make more conscious decisions but why does escaping youth have to bring in the age of cynicism and a life of routine and rationality.

Start getting out of your routine.

If you need a place to start we play tonight at 10 PM at Strange Brew - We will help you find a couple YOLOs and hopefully keep you inspired to live young.

Timeout with the Kids

Opportunities always will present themselves. This past weekend was one of our favorites. We played a show at the Helping Hands Home and got a chance to hang out with the orphans afterwards. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life and so much fun to play music for the kids. After we played they all came up and took turns playing on our instruments and singing on the microphones and it was beyond adorable.

You get to spend your whole life looking out for yourself. It's really nice to mix it up and think about someone else. We can't wait to go back.


A Busy June

You never know what else will come up last minute and we aren't even in June yet and this is everything we have lined up so far (of course you can get all the information you want on our shows page)

June 2nd: Strange Brew
June 7th: Benefit Show for the Helping Hands Home
June 7th: Lucky Lounge
June 9th: Strange Brew
June 13th: Lamberts
June 14th: Moontower Saloon
June 16th: Strange Brew
June 23rd: Strange Brew
June 27th: Gypsy Lounge
June 30th: Strange Brew

See you out there Austin.

Friends & Family

It never has to be for long - it never has to be for an important reason. It is just always good to spend some time with family. We are lucky enough to have grown a new family here in Austin Texas with our friends and fans and it is half of what we love about living here. Every now and then we escape and go back where we grew up.

James gets a chance to go spend time with his family this week. Over the next few months, in the heart of the summer, we will all get to recharge our batteries with our loved ones in other states. We will be busy as hell between all the time away to finish up some new songs, prep the release of our next album and continue playing shows all over Austin.

It's going to be a great summer.

See You Soon!

Up Up and Away

We don't do it enough but tonight we are going to play  music in another city. It's not just about the growth of the band but it's about getting to explore the world. We are so busy with our jobs and keeping up with the day-to-day of the band (playing local shows, writing new music, handling marketing and social media, etc.) that we hardly get a chance to escape.

We are all geared up, hopped up on combination of caffeine and a lack of sleep and ready to explore Bryan Texas. No - it's not very far off but we have never been there and sometimes you have to appreciate a new environment no matter how close to home it is.

You never know what will happen.

The Creation Period I: The Live EP

We have been working a lot on our upcoming live EP. Over the next three weeks at Strange Brew we are going to be recording the audio from our shows and compiling an EP of the best tracks from this series. We are trying to not only capture our live energy but also to showcase some of the ways our songs have evolved over the years. Some of the songs, like Ride On and Don't Panic, have developed into an entire different piece of music. Some songs, like Come Over My House and Young Guns, are full of new highlights, different openings and longer bridges. Some of the other ones like Wild Side and Someone to Wait For are just better live because it captures the energy that was behind the song in the first place.

We have been doing as much as possible behind the scenes - we have put a lot of work into the new dynamics of this set-list and it is all going to come down to these next 3 Mondays. We hope to see you out there to be a part of the process with us.



Life on Your Terms

It's really hard to complain if you take a look at everything you have. First of all you're reading this on the internet which is something most of the world doesn't have access to - chances are you also have clean water, a roof over your head, an education and gainful employment (most of you) so when you really dial it in life isn't that bad.

Just for a second though, not to get you down, but just for a second really think about your life. Don't think about it in relation to the success you want or the material things you have - think about your life in relation to the expectations you have for yourself. You should never measure your success or identity by your accomplishments or in comparison to your friends and your idols. You should just ask yourself if you're doing it right.

Ask yourself if you're putting in what you want to put in. Are you really making the most of your days or are you still slouching on the couch too much. Don't get me wrong - it's baseball season and you'll find me on plenty of couches but I will be getting other things done on those hours.

I bring this up because I'm on fire - not because I'm killing it but because I personally know I can work harder and I'm building a passion to start getting there and I want to fire you all up with me. It's challenging to change your habits but it's exciting to look at life as a challenge and you never want to let yourself down.

So don't.

(image via flickr)

Do It For The Love

Knock it off the bucket list - The Brothers Vinyl have played a wedding. Not only did we play a wedding but we did it as ourselves, not some cover band hiding behind our moniker. It was a lot of fun and a really special moment to be included in someone's special day.

The really humbling part was the groom, Sumner Erickson, who apparently had Brothers Vinyl in the works for over a year. He has known our guitar player, James for quite a while and this is the band that he wanted for his wedding. We weren't had 5th choice and sprung upon just to fit into his budget - he wanted us to play. It was pretty humbling to hear such wild reviews and to then watch the groom himself convince the audience to come and buy our EP.

After the show we hung out with the wedding party and the bride and groom and became family - it was really special and I'm still in awe of their kindness and generosity. We really wish you guys all the best of fortune and a happy life together and thank you again for bringing us in to share in all the happiness. You're part of our family too now.