Rivers of Babylon

I have always wanted to put out a release for Record Store Day. In exactly 78 days on April 19th artists all over the world will celebrate the culture and magic that record stores have provided for decades. 

The most common way to participate is to put out a limited release for record store day and a lot of artists do so by putting out a cover album paying their respects to their favorite artists. It's a great community event and a great time to hear tons of new music. 

We have thrown around the idea a lot and if we can agree on a few songs to do, this year I think we can make it happen. It's something I need to knock off my bucket list.

In the meantime, here is one of our more recent attempts at covering a song - "Rivers of Babylon" as performed by Sublime and written by The Melodians.

You can read more about Record Store Day right here.