Swing While You're King

I know you've all been waiting for some new music and quite honestly we have been just as anxious as you are. We have recorded, mixed and mastered our next release and your patience will pay off in just a few short weeks. 

Swing While You're King is our next release and it's itching for some ears. We recorded it in Kyle, Texas at the "Indie Fort" with Cory Dennis and shipped it over to Ryan Lorensen to have it mixed and mastered - after a few months of hard work, that we couldn't have done without those two guys, we have our project ready to roll.

It's called "Swing While You're King" because we wanted to name the album something that related to where we are in our lives. Of course we all have our own struggles, relationships, victories and defeats but we are all at a time of opportunity in our lives and you never know how long that will last or even if you will get another one. So, while we have the bat in our hands we need to swing while we can. Life is short and you need to take your shots now or you're going to miss out on the life you want - Follow the music and "Swing While You're King."