How many days really go...

I find myself at work, surrounded by constant stress over the stupidest things. Do we have enough "sternos"? Well who forgot to order them, Where are the back-up lemons, Shit, 86 Lemons, "What do you mean they all want separate checks, Fuck them. Its literally a blur of persistent negativity that chews away at the walls of sanity. I'm left at the end of my shift feeling similar to someone with a mild concussion. I have a pounding headache, I'm overly sluggish and immensely nauseous, mainly, because after washing my hands for the fourth time in a row they still smell like ranch dressing. God will I ever stop smelling like ranch dressing!

(Deep Breath...Woos-ah)

Anyways - The real reason any of this is relevant is because I used a lot of these emotions in the writing of our new single Fire. It, like most of my songs, is a song meant to cheer me up. A call to action to myself if you will. A plea for something more out of my life then the routine so many others seem content with. You see, more than anything I want to see the world. I want real adventure. The kind you find walking The Great Wall or going to India for Holi. I want to be able to truly count my blessings and open my eyes wide to this beautiful weird place that I only get for such a short time - Is that too much to ask? Can't it ever be OK to not be OK with just being OK? If it isn't then lock me up now because I'm a danger to myself and others.

When I sing these types of songs (Don't Panic, Mercy, Fire) I pull from those frustrations. Over the past two years I have heard a lot of people comment on my stage presence. They compliment me on what they call "my showmanship". In my eyes though, this is no act. What you see is my therapy, my release of emotions both good and bad. All laid out for you to see, bleeding heart right on the table. Sure, other songs like Come Over My House, Them Dirty Boys and Wild Side are fun for fun's sake, but songs like Fire are really what got me through some of my harder times. I guess what I'm saying is that when I sing songs like these, what you see is my body but what you hear is my soul. A bit cheesy I know but it's the best way I know to describe it. It's what reminds me what I'm really meant to do with my life. 

So fuck the lemons, and the old lady asking for them. I say bail. Remember "Life is only frustration, when there's no motivation." Without purpose and a solid forward direction then we simply blend in to the majority. We loose our identity, our "snowflake" like quality to be inherently different from the others around us. So for God sakes - Someone start a Fire, and make mine a double.

I hope you enjoy.