Who You Know

Sometimes we start asking ourselves what we have to do to make a move to the next level. How do we get from where we are, to quitting our jobs and doing music full time? It seems overwhelming sometimes because you feel like you're trying and you feel like you're giving it your all but then you notice that you're asking the wrong questions.

Who do you know and what can you do to get them involved? We need to branch out more and start playing to the strengths of others. It's tough living in the modern DIY music world but it isn't the D(everything)Y world. There are plenty of people, especially in Austin Texas, that can help us get things moving faster.

What can I learn today about my craft and the business around it? What different angle or approach can we use this time to see if we get better results? We just keep saying why are we failing and never ask what we can do differently.

It's time to start mixing things up.