The Worst Part of a Concert

We play a lot of shows - Honestly we would like to have more days like today where we had two shows in a single day. It was great to be so involved in our career to that degree. We want to push ourselves as hard as we can and this was a good start.

With playing more shows comes extra critique. We have to be working on improving our show, our music, our presence, and our style at all times There are a million factors towards making a great show and unfortunately some of them are out of our hands.

Sound Engineers, club owners, other bands, stage setups, sound systems - the list can go on forever but they are all important and external from our organization. Some are awesome and keys to our success and others are awful and shouldn't be wasting anyone's time by still involving themselves in the music industry. We, today noticed one of the things that seems to be a constant issue no matter the talent around us and no matter the work of our own,

There is always a gap at the end of our set of complete silence before the house music goes back up. No matter the venue and no matter the time - it always seems to be an issue. We give them plenty of time to get something ready. We announce our last song, we almost always have long crescendos at the end of our set and we always say something and thank the crowd at the end of our show. Yet, still, there is always a few minutes of super awkward silence.

If I win the lottery on Wednesday I'm assembling all sound engineers of the world and we are solving this issue. Until then it's going to continue pissing me off and unfortunately if you've never noticed it before, well, I just shattered the glass and you're going to notice it forever - My bad.