When Life Hits Hard, Wild Side Hits Back

I remember when I first played the opening riff. It was back when we practice in that old storage unit - that place was the worst! When it was hot, you were melting and when it was cold, you were freezing.

And even on nice days - you were still hot. All things aside, we did a lot of good work in there. It’s funny sometimes though - some days you would find yourself slaving away for hours at a song and at the end come up with nothing, and then some days it would just fall right into your lap. That is the story of Wild Side.

It was one of those great moments when you play something while you’re not thinking, your mind is somewhere far away from your body. Your fingers on some sort of preverbal auto pilot. Then you hit this one note and all a sudden - BAM! You’re pulled back in. I could have hit that same note five hundred times that month but that one time - It speaks. When that happens I get this sudden surge like I can hear into the songs future. It only last a moment but I try to wrestle it in as fast as possible before it disappears. All I knew was it sounded fun, it sounded rowdy, It sounded, well, like a country song.

Now those who know us, and have tried to teach some us to two-step, would be the first to say, “Brothers Vinyl, we love you but you are no country band”. This fact is, to say the least, undisputable. We fortunately have never really cared much for those types of boundaries so we decided to give it a spin.

I started thinking of all the fun we have in this awesome city, all the great people who have loved us and been a part of our family here in Texas. I, for once, just had fun with a song. What I mean by that is I didn’t try to make it something it wasn’t. “Wild Side” puts on no heirs, and makes no apologies. Neither should we.