Austin Needs an Intervention

Dear Austin Texas,

I love you and I'm coming from a safe place because we have been through a lot together and you mean a lot to us and we want to look out for you and your future. You have a drinking problem and it is getting out of control.

Seriously though - We played downtown on Saturday for the first time in a while and it was a complete shit-show. I saw more people vomit in the streets than in Tijuana on a bender. I saw more men and women pissing in the streets than a line at the end of a concert. I saw more women wrapped in saran-wrap outfits, screaming at their boyfriends, crying in public, stumbling into gutters and bringing shame to their families than I could ever image. If I had a nickle for every girl who fell to the ground and sprawled her legs open like it was her job I would be able to live at the W.

It's a great city and we are so lucky to have so much entertainment wrapped into a 10-mile radius. No - really there are so few cities and vibrant and alive as Austin. I am just shocked by how completely uninhibited the entire city was on a non-SXSW/non-ACL/Non-Spring Break/Non-UT football night. No one has to drive anywhere to get home? Bullshit - public transportation here is a joke. I'm sure there were enough DUI's to finance a small NFL franchise last night.

So Austin, we say it out of love - you have a drinking problem and we are worried. We love you and we aren't going to leave you (I mean, we are going to keep drinking too but damn) We look forward to more great nights together

The Brothers Vinyl