What Happens Next


It's not just a question - it's a philosophy. We aren't anywhere done delivering new material. Swing While You're King comes out at the end of the month and by then you will get 2 more music videos, 3 more shows, a whole bunch of stories, pictures and drinks (if you're around fir those shows) and all the while we are working on the next steps.

We are already lining up our next release. It's going to take even more work to move this one through the chains and there are so many things to do in order to make it as successful as possible but it's things we need to start now so we can be ahead of the game. We are trying to get out of the loop of reacting to what's already in our faces and pushing our hands out so we can be planning actively to what we want in the future.

This website is only going to get busier and more exciting so stick around.