The Biggest Moments

I'm sure they all fly by faster than your first marriage but it's all you can ever dream about - Yes, playing music is the only thing that brings me true joy and I want to live the rest of my life creating but there is always that dream of the biggest of stages. For some people it's Red Rocks, The Super Bowl, Wembley Stadium, The Olympic Opening Ceremony or performing at the Grammys - It doesn't matter what it is. Every musician has that one dream.

I don't think anyone would turn down any of those opportunities but we all have one that stands out that we have always wanted to do. For me personally it was always performing at The Grammys. I don't think it would be the highest accomplishment for me anymore (if I'm allowed to shoot for the sky) but it would be the highest check off my bucket list.

I don't want to stop enjoying every day and be grateful for what I have - I am. I will just always have that drive to make my life better and climb higher mountains. What could ever go wrong with that?