Don't Let Radio Kill The Classics

I have done my best to escape listening to the radio for the most part but they play it at work and every now and then I like to dial in and see what new music I can find. There is one big reason that I do my best to avoid listening to the radio. It plays the same damn music all the time. I am not even talking about hearing the top 20 on the hour every hour. I am talking about every time that I turn to a rock station after 9 PM I am going to hear Metallica, every classic rock station is going to play Boston and every thing in between is playing Journey.

I don't even know what songs from other eras I like and loathe anymore because I hear them all too much. We are so far beyond marketing the artists of past years - you can play other songs than their top 5 hits. Don't even start telling me that's what the people want or more people would be listening to radio still. Listening habits have completely changed and radio hasn't evolved at all. If I want to find new music I use Spotify, the internet, my friends recommendations or some other app on my phone. If I want to hear the same 100 songs my parents listen to I will turn on any FM station after 9 PM.

If DJs want to keep their medium alive then it's time to start innovating and stop killing the classics. Next time you go to play "Bohemian Rhapsody" remember that Queen has another 50 great songs and pick any other song in their catalog. Stop preaching that it's what people demand and realize you're on the brink of extinction. Oh well, if radio disappears maybe I'll stop groaning every time I hear "Small Town Girl," "Hotel California" or "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

That's All.