I don't know how many people I talked to at SXSW about how strange it is that when SXSW is going on there are so many people who take time off to go to shows. They request off certain days, not even because there is a certain band they want to see but because they want to pick a day and just go out and listen to music.


I know you never pause to smell the roses while you still can but we are all still here in Austin and so are the roses. In fact, I would be willing to put money down that if I left my house with 4 $5 bills I would easily find four different bands that I enjoyed so much that I would be willing to pay $5 for an EP. There is just that much talent out there.

So why does it take the rest of the world rolling into the capital to make us realize just how great this city is? Even for all the complaining half the locals do - you still see a lot of them finding spots around town to catch some of the SXSW action that isn't in the heart of the city. (I don't think they want to admit they just wish they could find parking because they want to go downtown too)

It's OK.

Consider this your intervention. Hopefully you still live in the city limits if you did before SXSW - I hope it wasn't so wild that it caused you to leave the city. (Granted, if it did, you need to let me hear that story.) You can start going out to more shows. It's not just about supporting local music (and we totally want you to do that) It's about just enjoying what we have. Austin Texas has so much great music and we do it for you. We play music to get people excited, dancing, reflective, impacted and changed. We don't want to just do it so we can get laid - we want to make a difference.

Sometimes that difference is just showing someone a good time. So get out the door and go find a great band and have a good time.