Life on Your Terms

It's really hard to complain if you take a look at everything you have. First of all you're reading this on the internet which is something most of the world doesn't have access to - chances are you also have clean water, a roof over your head, an education and gainful employment (most of you) so when you really dial it in life isn't that bad.

Just for a second though, not to get you down, but just for a second really think about your life. Don't think about it in relation to the success you want or the material things you have - think about your life in relation to the expectations you have for yourself. You should never measure your success or identity by your accomplishments or in comparison to your friends and your idols. You should just ask yourself if you're doing it right.

Ask yourself if you're putting in what you want to put in. Are you really making the most of your days or are you still slouching on the couch too much. Don't get me wrong - it's baseball season and you'll find me on plenty of couches but I will be getting other things done on those hours.

I bring this up because I'm on fire - not because I'm killing it but because I personally know I can work harder and I'm building a passion to start getting there and I want to fire you all up with me. It's challenging to change your habits but it's exciting to look at life as a challenge and you never want to let yourself down.

So don't.

(image via flickr)