Running out of "YOLOs"

I hate that word.


For Christ's sake, I didn't even give Drake's music a chance for years because I heard that phrase come out of his mouth. Every time I hear some drunk underage girl use that phrase my sperm count falls. It's a depressing, poor excuse to live without responsibility or resolve.

Then I thought of something else.

When did I get so damn cynical?

Yeah, YOLO is stupid. Acronyms aren't around to give you an excuse to binge drink and ignore the teachings of your parents. YOLO is something that people who are young and dumb use as an excuse to live without pausing BUT once you get over the disguises of the word and the culture (or lack thereof) around it - I need some YOLOs.

I need to stop not going out because I work in 8 hours, stop not taking vacations and start taking more risks. Yes, we get older and smarter and make more conscious decisions but why does escaping youth have to bring in the age of cynicism and a life of routine and rationality.

Start getting out of your routine.

If you need a place to start we play tonight at 10 PM at Strange Brew - We will help you find a couple YOLOs and hopefully keep you inspired to live young.