MORE DAYS LIKE THIS is a project about finding what you love and spending every day of your life doing exactly that. It is about seeing just how exciting and rewarding life can be if you live it in the direction you choose and with the passion it deserves. We chose to spend the entire year doing exactly what we love and wanted to share it with you as we go along. This project is going to consist of 365 songs being released in 365 days. We write all the music here at Vinyl House with our own gear, equipment and minds and bring in as many other talented artists as we can to show them what it's like to escape the industry for a minute and forget the strategies of music releases and get together to remember why we do this in the first place. Music is a powerful force and we would love for you to follow us as we continue the year trying to find some more days like this.

All the artwork for the singles is shared via the Creative Commons and we thank each and every talented artist for graciously sharing their hard work. You are all credited on the SoundCloud links.