Our New Song Syncs up to EVERYTHING



I only had the time to do one of these videos but I watched about 5-7 of them and they all worked perfectly. I'm sure it's an 80' thing because so much of that era is still used in movies and TV all the time - maybe they had a secret formula in a vault somewhere - Who knows.

This is our new song Night Drive and this video is a ton of popular movie clips that someone else collected and I just popped our song on top. (Obviously these are not our videos and we are not profiting from this. We just thought it was crazy/cool how well this song fits over everything.)


You can listen to just the song here and download it too.

It's a Beautiful Day (In The Neighborhood)

We won't bore you with the details but we will share our intrigue.

If you google the "Mandela Effect" you will read a lot of very interesting stories about conflicting stories in history. No one really knows why we this phenomenon occurs or what it means but it's very interesting. Most recently the story of the "Bernstein Bears" came into the viral pool with VICE news writing a great article on it. You should read it immediately - they did a great job.

This song is all about that feeling and we hope you love it.

You may also want to look up the theme song to "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood." The title of this song is a play off the Mandela Effect and that song. 

Carry On.

Come Record With Us

We are trying to cultivate a place where musicians can just gather and create. We don't have the exact timeline on when it will get fully loaded but we are going to start in two weeks with more details to come soon. 

If this is something you would like to be involved in you can email any of us personally at Contact@BrothersVinyl.com and we can find out a specific time that works for you and when we have big days when we get everyone together you'll be the first to know.

We don't care what you do musically or to what extent you do it. We want you to come over open minded, ready to challenge yourself and prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Trust Me - You're Ready for this.

Come over our "Big House" and play with our toys. (We also encourage you to bring your toys.)

Five Things We're Hungry For

The summer is coming to a close but we're still hungry for more music and adventure. We have hit song #179 but we just can't get enough out to fill our hearts. Here are five things that would help us cure the hunger.


Let's just call the middle ground of the classics of our childhood and the abortions of the modern prequels a win. We have high hopes and enough nerd-dom that we are very hungry for some great science fiction. Let's all hope that J.J. Abrams doesn't disappoint.


I don't even want to talk about his ego - we're past it. You have to love the music and he is working with Paul McCartney? Sign me up. Yes there is plenty of great music to serve at the appetizer until we get to this album but It's absolutely the main course.


I started this blog to be all pop culture references but now I'm actually hungry. If you don't live in Austin I'm sorry. (Tokyo Cowboy is Teriyaki and Spicy Ranch mixed and it will change your life.)


OK - So Murphy beds cost several thousand dollars and no one with several thousand dollars to blow on a bed frame needs to wants a Murphy bed. They need to wake up to the 21st century and drop that product under $400 and start flipping it to musicians and artists who need the room and stop pretending the upper class changes their bedrooms into studios/gyms/sex dungeons. Get it together.


It's coming. We are playing this coming Saturday from 8 to 11 pm and aside from that we just love hanging out there. It's also right down the road from the band house with is an ultimate win for a band. We can Uber back and forth for under $10 and just get weird with it. 

Hope to see you there!

Goodnight Everyone!

(Here is #179 to tide you over)

Better Days Like This

Let's start by sending all of you a huge thank you for helping us get this project off the ground.  We wanted to create this giant collection of music to help all of you see that it's not impossible to set out and go after what you want. Ignore your roadblocks and the nay-sayers and run as fast as you can into your future.

We are going to hit 200 songs in the next month and it's just crazy when I try to wrap my head around how much music that is (it's just over ten hours as it stands today) Honestly, the crazier thing is that we struggled to get enough music to fill a 2 hour set list for 2 whole years and now we could damn near play a bar from open to close.

We have one rule when we brainstorm together - how do we make it weirder?

Well, weirder is a state of mind but we wanted to start talking to you guys more about how you feel about this project and each song we release. So we're going to start sharing them on this blog with some stories (and these stories will be just as much about other things as they will about us) so we look forward to talking to you more and seeing how we can help you find #MoreDaysLikeThis

- BV