Better Days Like This

Let's start by sending all of you a huge thank you for helping us get this project off the ground.  We wanted to create this giant collection of music to help all of you see that it's not impossible to set out and go after what you want. Ignore your roadblocks and the nay-sayers and run as fast as you can into your future.

We are going to hit 200 songs in the next month and it's just crazy when I try to wrap my head around how much music that is (it's just over ten hours as it stands today) Honestly, the crazier thing is that we struggled to get enough music to fill a 2 hour set list for 2 whole years and now we could damn near play a bar from open to close.

We have one rule when we brainstorm together - how do we make it weirder?

Well, weirder is a state of mind but we wanted to start talking to you guys more about how you feel about this project and each song we release. So we're going to start sharing them on this blog with some stories (and these stories will be just as much about other things as they will about us) so we look forward to talking to you more and seeing how we can help you find #MoreDaysLikeThis

- BV